Friday, January 27, 2012

broth-braised potatoes: French Fridays with Dorie

Getting ready to cook the potatoes.  Overall it was good, but not great - like not "lick the plate" kind of good.  I doubled the recipe to serve more than 4, but I didn't increase the herbs - good thing, since I don't like too much rosemary.  Next time I may use fresh sage leaves or the thyme...

Since I got bigger yukon gold potatoes, I had to cut them up into smaller pieces.  To make it easy to throw together (since it's such a straightforward recipe) I put the cubed potatoes into cold water so they wouldn't brown waiting for the right time to go take their bath in the broth!

Broth getting ready for the potatoes.

Starting to cook the potatoes in the broth.

Potatoes are done cooking.  It was really easy.

Serving up the potatoes.  They were very nice.  We had them with a spiral ham, and a bread (won't say which one yet!!), plus a salad.

So I did have quite a bit left over, since the 3 grandkids didn't really eat them - must have been the rosemary.  So today for lunch I decided to "mash" some of the leftover potatoes with some broth.  They were pretty good this way, although I wouldn't cook them this way to make mashed potatoes. 


  1. I think the vote is split on these potatoes. Like you, I didn't think they were that special. I like your smaller chunks and should have done that myself.

  2. I agree, not too much flavor, but the broth was pleasant. I used potatoes that I had in the house,
    and I'm wondering if the yukon gold might not have improved overall. At least Tricia and I
    tried the recipe, but I don't think I would use it again.

  3. I liked them, but did use the yukon golds. I totally get the "not spectacular" part, but nice for something simple. I think the other ideas I've read of using them cold in a salad sounds good too.

  4. I agree they weren't amazing, but they were really good as an easy alternative to plain old boiled potatoes.

  5. This week was definitely a split vote - although everyone seemed to like them better in leftovers!
    The bread looks good...

  6. If that is your TWD Bread it looks terrific - any tips? I haven't started mine yet. The potatoes looks great - sorry they were not flavorful enough for you.