Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies: Tuesdays with Dorie

Mocha in my chocolate chip cookies.  Interesting thought.  I called them grown-up cookies, since I had to dole them out carefully to the grandkids.

Yes, they tasted good.  But I have to confess.....I like my chocolate chip cookies with little to no chips.  

I finally had to admit this to myself when I decided that my very favorite cookies in the whole wide world are: (drum roll....) Tate's Chipless Wonders.  Every summer I head to the Wellfleet Market and grab MANY packages of these wonderful treats so I can make every beach picnic perfect! (For anyone that ever went to Wellfleet on Cape Cod in the "olden days", the market used to be called Lema's.)  I have yet to see any Tate's Bake Shop goods in Texas. :-(  

So when this recipe called for 16 ounces - you know, a pound, of chocolate chips.....I had to come up with an amount of chocolate chips that I could live with (that means eat) so the chocolate and coffee could balance out for a "mocha" taste.  

6 ounces....that's what I came up with.  
And that was balanced with 3 Starbucks Via instant coffee singles packages.

And just a few "chocolate chip bumps" in my cookies....pretty good!   Oh, and I also like crunchy cookies, so I tend to overcook any cookies that look like they want to turn out to be soft......

I probably won't make these again with any chocolate chips.  I am tempted to make them with just a little coffee and no chips and see how that works out.  The coffee was a nice touch to the dough....we shall see!

To see what other doristas did this week with this recipe you can visit Tuesdays with Dorie.  Thanks to Peggy of Galettista for hosting this recipe; you can visit her blog here for the recipe.


  1. It is funny how many different ways people prefer their chocolate chip cookies :-)

    I haven't been to Cape Cod in a long time - but I love going there in early fall when it starts to quiet down for the season.

  2. I bet this dough would be good even without the chocolate chips. The coffee flavour is wonderful in the dough.

  3. I loved the dough - I'm sure it would be great without the chips. I used a full pound of chocolate and the apricots and thought they were pretty darn tasty.