Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Croissants: Tuesdays with Dorie

NEVER SAY NEVER!  Do I say that often?  Yes, but this time it really caught me by surprise.  I am finally finished with 2 days (should have been 3, note to self) of making croissants.  And what did I say before they went into the oven?  NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN......

And then I tasted one (okay, 5).....

OMG, these are so good....so melt in your mouth. So I am already planning what to do with the second half of the dough (it's a no brainer.....almond is coming soon!)

Okay, a quick confession....I shortcutted the heck out of this recipe.  The butter never really came together, I just scraped it out of the mixer and formed it into the oval.

And this is the sad version of the rectangle before the first refrigerator stint.  I will admit by the 3rd turn the rectangle was starting to take shape, but the camera was not in my thoughts by then...

Looks good, huh?  Well, truth be told, with half the dough I got 26 triangles (supposed to be 14).... Now what to do?  Ummm, let's call them mini croissants, eh?  In reality, I was pretty uneven in the rolling, so some of my extras probably came from intermittent thin dough rolling.  HOWEVER, I will note after the fact, 
that some of those thin croissants were mighty tasty!!

What can I say?  I love them.  Enough said.

What a wild ride this one was!  Thanks to Amanda at Girl+Food=Love for hosting this recipe.  To see what other Doristas did with this recipe, you can visit Tuesdays with Dorie.


  1. It was certainly worth the three days, because you made amazing croissants! Perfectly formed and golden. I also have the other half waiting to become almond and chocolate croissants!

  2. So pretty! Enjoy round two with the almond. Hopefully your filling won't leak out like mine did.....read my blog post! LOL!

  3. Yep, this one was a project and it looks like you came out on top!
    Enjoy that second half of dough.

  4. Your croissants look so nice and flaky. Great job! Hope your second batch is just as good!

  5. Great job on the croissants, they look perfectly golden and flaky. Almond croissants are my favourite, have fun with the second batch!

  6. They look perfect! I'm so jealous - mine did not even make it to the oven. Next time!

  7. Still 1/2 the dough and trying to decide on chocolate or almond. Yours look just perfect. These were my first ones.

  8. What a challenge these were...but respect for persevering, your croissants look wonderful with a great color and lots of layers of flaky dough. I am sure that your second batch of dough will turn out delicious almond croissants - I will try a different, less time consuming recipe next time, it will be interesting to see the difference.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. I can't wait to make them again! It's just that I ate too many the first time around and need to pace myself! :) Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Catherine

  10. Your croissants are gorgeous.