Friday, January 18, 2013

chicken liver gateau with pickled onions: French Fridays with Dorie

This was a strange one!  In fact, I wasn't even sure that I did anything right with this recipe until it was all done...  I think it was the pink foamy liver mixture in the custard cups before they went in the oven coupled with the onion smell that permeated my house and apparently me!  I got in the car with oldest daughter Stacy and youngest grandchild (yes, lovely Sadie) right after I made the onions this morning and Stacy mentioned that Nana smelled like oniony BO.....that was the start of today.

When 3 of the main ingredients are cream, milk and liver....what can I say?

Pink foamy livery liquid.....I admit I had to peak at one of the doristas postings while 
these babies were in the oven, one benefit of cooking on THE friday......

After cooking, the color looked better.  I waited the 10 minute minimum...

Plated, with the pickled onions.  And, okay, it was good....

Fresh herbs in my breakfast room window.  I could taste them in the gateau's.

Oh, and for desert, I actually did make the long and slow apples, 
but didn't get to post in time, so here's my picture of this recipe.

So, the verdict...I actually might make this again.  I'll know more tomorrow, when I try the gateau's after they are refrigerated.  If they are more like a pate, I will be more in love with this recipe.  Warm, it was good.  I'm hoping cold is great.

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  1. Aren't kids just flattering? :-)

    I was surprised at how many people liked this one. Glad it was a hit for you!

  2. They are a bit more like a simple pate after they sit for a day. I actually liked them better cold, at which point I didn't bother to unmold them, just smeared it straight from the ramekin onto thick toast. Quite tasty!

  3. I felt exactly the same about the gâteaux but loved it as paté. I'm still laughing about oniony BO:)

  4. Love that shot of your fresh herbs- I need to do this too !!! These livers were an adventure no ? At least I can say I did it (thanks for the help Nana !!!) and my guys were happy I did it. Did enjoy the apples more (sans Saran Wrap)and your look lovely.

  5. The look of the raw mixture is a bit off-putting, but the end result was tasty. Glad you liked it, and the apples.

  6. I think for most of us cold was better. Yours turned out beautifully, as did your apples.

  7. I thought cold was definitely better. It was quite good overall- a bit of a surprise! I loved the apples and yours look great! I would absolutely make those again!

  8. Ok, off topic a bit but your rosemary looks fab!! :) How cool that you can grow herbs! I can do tomatoes but herbs just die. I want to have such a nice, healthy herb garden but I just can't seem to get one going .... :( Great job with the liver!