Friday, December 21, 2012

cheez-it-ish crackers: French Fridays with Dorie

Fresh out of the oven cheez-it-ish crackers....
and voila, I'm back!

Somewhere between Whole Wheat Loaves and these happened...And then I found myself looking for a cauliflower soup recipe and saw that the doristas had recently tackled the one in Around My French Table.  Well, hello....and like magic I was pulled back in!

Really good butter and yummy gruyere cheese:  how could these crackers not be good?

Mixing the butter and cheese with the salt and peppers, 
curd-like appearance was a very good description.

The dough ready to go into the refrigerator for the 1 hour of chilling.

Another great recipe (especially with a glass of wine!) from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table.  

I will say that my first batch (pictured above) came out really well; my second batch cooked a few minutes too long and had a slightly bitter taste.  So note to file:  watch closely at end of baking to make sure crackers only lightly brown around edges and on part of top. 

To see what others did with this recipe this week, you can visit French Fridays with Dorie.

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Tricia and I both enjoyed them, simple to make, and easy to eat.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Welcome back!!! This was a nice easy (and yummy) way to transition back into the group :) Happy Holidays!

  3. Nice to see you this week. I loved these crackers. What a nice snack to have around this week. A nice alternative to all the cookies around. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  4. So nice to see you back! I really liked these crackers, too. Have a lovely holiday!

  5. Glad you could join us again for this tasty treat. Almost everyone liked it, didn't they? Yes, you have to watch them. I baked them according to Dorie's specifications (was it 14 minutes) and not one minute longer because they cooked a bit longer before I could get them off the cookies sheet. Plus, I ate three of them off the sheet before I even placed them on cooling racks. Oink. Oink. Have a Merry Christmas and healthy, happy New Year. Don't be a stranger.

  6. Welcome back! LIfe has a way of flying by

    These were a treat, weren't they?

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Glad to see you back- I am trying to catch up a bit (FFWD and life in general :) myself. These crackers were the perfect catch up recipe since they were so simple and yet phenomenal. Win win !! Have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to cooking with you in 2013 ~