Friday, June 29, 2012

corn pancakes: French Fridays with Dorie

1 Nana, 1 Daughter, 1 Son-in-law, 3 grandkids (8, 6, & 22 months),
3.5 hour flight, 1 hour delay, check into hotel at 2 am, wake up early to get rental car to drive 2 hours to destination.....NOT FUN

And right before we arrive.....

But I came prepared...made the corn pancakes before we left Austin, took photos and yes, I can blog on time!  I missed a few recipe weeks, so I need to do this one to stay within the group rules.  But I'm glad I did because I did like the recipe.

Used grilled corn on the cob instead of canned corn.  Easy mix to make.

Frying up in the pan.  Used grapeseed oil.

I remembered eating these years ago with sugar sprinkled on top.  I think that's what these needed when eating them by themselves.  If they are a side dish, maybe they are fine without the sugar.

Best dinner so far on vacation.  This is the Fourth Course at a Wine Dinner at PB Boulangerie Bistro in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.  Basil-Lemon sorbet served in a lemon cup with Lemon Pound Cake. Thank you PR & Lilli for a great birthday dinner!

Dolly gives me the look before I took her to the kennel.  Soon, soon I'll be back to pick up the doggies!

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  1. LOL, looks like you're having a great time!! :) Glad you liked them, grilling the corn was a good idea, although I would have just eaten the grilled corn instead of making them into pancakes!

  2. Travel can be very tiring - I hope the destination was worth the effort to get there. (I love the Cape - when my girls were little, we used to go there for long weekends when we could in the summer)
    I like the idea of using grilled corn on these.

  3. Love the look on Dolly's face. Dogs have a way of letting you know what they think, and this says it
    all. The pancakes look so tasty with the sugar sprinkled on top, great dessert or breakfast treat.
    Enjoy your vacation, and if that picture of the food is any indication, it should be fabulous.

  4. Although you were delayed, it looks like you're having fun! Your pancakes look tasty and I just love the photo of your precious puppy! :)

  5. LOL - I love how accusing dogs are when you pack them off to the kennel. Gorgeous photo! I am with you on these pancakes - OK, but not exciting. Have a fab vacation!

  6. Way to be dedicated to the group! Hopefully you're having a wonderful vacation.

  7. Dolly's not happy! Hope you're having a great vacation. Your dessert looks and sounds fabulous! I salute your dedication to FF:) And hope your entire birthday was as good as the dessert!

  8. I used fresh corn myself, but grilled is an even better idea. Yum! Hope you are enjoying the Cape. It's so beautiful there.

  9. Glad you got these made before you left for your vacation!! Love that you used fresh grilled corn. The look so good with the powdered sugar sprinkled on top!
    I’m sure now that you’re on the Cape you will have a wonderful time! Such a great treat for your birthday…Have a great time!

  10. That plateful of lemon delightfulness sounds like the best thing ever! The pancakes were pretty good though too! :) Hope you're having a great trip!

  11. Oh, that's such a sad goodbye face from your puppy. They really can tug at your heartstrings can't they? I'm sure he'll get lots of extra love when you are back. In the meantime, have fun!