Friday, March 23, 2012

cocoa sables - French Fridays with Dorie

My mother loved chocolate.  She also loved to collect bone china tea cups and saucers.  So here we have French Chocolate Butter Cookies on English Bone China.  
My mother, she would have enjoyed these.  

This week's recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is cocoa sables. Sables are the French version of the butter cookie. Dorie Greenspan says they are good for ice cream sandwiches. I'm not going there.  She makes hers bigger around (1.75 inches); mine measured 1.25 inches in diameter before baking, 2 inches baked.  I did make them the same height - 1/2 inch.  So instead of 36, I got 60 cookies out of the recipe. Each cookie computes to 2 weight watchers points plus value.  Somehow, 8 10 of my points went to these darlings today!

Lesson Learned:  My dough did not come together in the mixer bowl using the beater blade.  I confess I didn't let the butter come to room temperature.  I used the "soften butter" setting on my microwave.  Maybe that's why I had some trouble.  I ended up working the dough in the bowl with my hands until it was ready to turn out onto the counter.

But when the dough did come together, it rolled into the logs quite nicely.  One of the logs above, after chilling, getting ready to cut into 1/2 inch "squarcles"

See my "squarcles" ready to go into the oven?

Cooling down.  Somehow they rounded themselves a little more as they baked.

Would I make these again?  I give them a thumbs up, so that's a probably yes.  What's nice about this recipe is that it does not require milk or eggs.  So if I wanted to make cookies and didn't have milk or eggs this is an easy recipe.  To see what others have done with this recipe this week, you can visit French Fridays with Dorie.


  1. These look delicious to have with tea. Great post!

  2. Hee! Squarcles! They look great - the perfect cookie to enjoy with a cup of coffee too. ;-)

  3. How perfect to serve these lovely sablés on your mom’s lovely china! They look beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  4. Squarecles! I know those!
    Love the cross-Euro treat :-)

  5. Sort of like magic how your Squarcles rounded themselves out in the oven. Nice tribute to your mom to serve these cookies on her beautiful plates.

  6. I got a lot more cookies than Dorie did too and I thought mine were pretty big. I guess she makes MONSTER sables. I love your china! Everytime I click through everyone's posts, I make a vow to buy more interesting looking dishes.