Friday, May 4, 2012

almond flounder meuniere: French Fridays with Dorie

Or should I call it almond sole meuniere?  Thanks to Dorie's alternative fish selection I was able to pick out the right size fillets at Whole Foods.  No flounder in stock, not even adult! :-(   And compared to the lamb recipe recently this was a bargain!  $9.99 a pound, and to feed me and kids next door it was less than a pound!  And I had a few pieces for the fish sandwich next day.

However, I now recognize my ability to cook/fry fish last minute to serve up immediately for dinner, AND take photos....well, I am lacking in that kind of multitasking.  So when I reviewed my photos to write this recipe up I was sadly low in the number of photos I thought I had.  Amazingly, there were lots of photos of next week's recipe (yes, I served it with and it was great!)...stay tuned....

Not crowding the pan.  These cooked up nicely.

However, they were very delicate so transferring was an issue.  And then I remembered a fish turner I bought several years ago (you know those 4 for 3 on amazon....) and was happy to have it.

On the table - they were very tender.  I did feel some herbs or spices could have given the fish a little more flavor.  Don't know which ones though.

As Dorie suggested, fish sandwich the next day was good.

Would I make this again?  Yes, but I hope to read others' blogs and find some good herbs/spices to add.  To see what our other cooks did with this recipe this week, you can visit French Fridays with Dorie.  Another good recipe from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.


  1. We had the fougasse with ours too :-) & I agree that a little extra seasoning would have helped with this one.
    Looks great!

  2. What a beautiful color on your sole. I have not made the fougasse yet, but I hope to get to it sometime this weekend.

  3. Wonderful looking sole…perfectly cooked! I’m also hoping to get my fougasse done tomorrow.

  4. Yea, I guess having them in sandwiches would be great. The next time I make this I will make more ! :)Yours look fabulous. I want to get the fish turner too. Quite delicate coz flounder is a flatfish. Lovely dish and I am glad I was able to get flounder for this dish. Have a great Sunday !

  5. Love your Le Creuset fry pan! I'm making the fougasse today/tomorrow and I hope it turns out. Sounds like yours was great! The fish looks delish!

  6. I only wish I had made enough to have leftovers. I really enjoyed this one.